Wednesday, October 7, 2020

F.A.T Photography

Bismillah & Salam & Good day :D

F.A.T Photography provides photography services (wedding, nikah, tunang, event etc).
F.A.T Photography shoots photos sincerely from the inheart passion.
So F.A.T Photography gives its best with what you dare to pay :D
Our packages starts from RM450.
You can always ask F.A.T Photography what we could offer with your budget.
F.A.T Photography coverage covers Penang & nearby Kedah area for free.
Contact F.A.T Photography first for more detail by 'e-mail'ing us your inquiry at
This blog will show you guys our packages and some samples from F.A.T Photography works.
Enjoy and F.A.T Photography expects to see you.

## Now we do designing! :D so feel free if you wanto design something, but u can only describe it..We can express your idea into design T-Shirt, banners, custom album, logos etc..

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  1. yo Fattos. welcome to the photography and blogging world. U guys take very nice pictures, and so, I'm gonna follow you :) Keep up the good work! Oh yeah, I suggest you guys get a chat box or something. so your page will be interactive. and register it too nuffnang or any other ping sites you like. Fastest way to get followers and (hopefully) job gigs :)

    btw, @Tawil I'm an x-Irshadian too XD

  2. hey thanx nana.... =D
    we will get a chat box, but seriously ada ka org nk chat nnti? haha =P
    nuffnang?apa kaitan nuffnang ngan followers?
    explain pls miss blogger..hehe =D

  3. your pictures are good. kompom akan ada org yang akan nak try tanya pape kat korang. nuffnang mmg iklan, selain dpt iklan (n duit xtra), kalau korg post korg punya post kat innit, automatik org akan tgk, and kalau rezeki baek punye, org akan klik utk jenguk, sekurang2nye utk blog walking (kalau dah tersinggah, dah tertengok, mungkin akan ter tempah? hehe). dptkan widget xchange dia. sangat bagus utk traffic.

  4. aaaaaa...lemahnya dunia blog...tak paham lnsg...
    btw ty 4 ur advise!

  5. ala~ simple jew.. slow2 blaja, lelama terer la. (Tapi saya dah staun blaja tak terer sgt jugak... slow sgt kot hoho..) kalau nak tlg wat your blog ni, bisa diatur~ tak yah bayar pun, tlg setup kan basic2 boleh la~ termasuklah yang nuffnang tu. Tapi, t kalo shooting kene kasik diskaun. hehe

  6. hehehe...bisa mcm pki language so tak paham sgt la...